Nft stands for

That doesnt help you?

Let me explain.

Image you could uniquely identfiy every piece of art or collectible on the internet?
What if this item is clearly attached to an owner?
What if you could trade this item?
What if you could have a smart…

Benefits of pair programming

Pair-programming is a way of programming that often is associated with helping fresher programmers to learn and increase their knowledge.

There are undoubtedly big benefits of pair programming when an expert programmer teaches a novice, but is that all that there is to it?

What other benefits does pair programming…

Learn from mistakes or fall

Often we beginning software developers make the same mistakes as their peers before them.

I extremely overestimated my knowledge

The classic Dunning-Kruger effect. After my first project outside of college i…

People’s writing often lacks creativity and imaginativeness. And it’s not talent they are missing, even though they might think so.

might offend some people saying this.

But often writing by new and inexperienced writers is dull and lacks originality.One …

Finding ideas is not always easy

Often times in the past I have been eluding my self-obtained duty of writing. I would sit down to write my next piece only to find myself with the will to write but no topic to write about.

I definitely don’t want to write filler or unsubstantial webpolluting garbage about…

First, I want to take you to a typical afternoon in the office

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon in a dusty office. You are trying to finally refactor this a piece of code and your already dwindling motivation is gone relaxing on the sandy beaches of the Caribbeans. It is hot. …

The nap

Its 3:30 in the afternoon. Youre trying to refactor this piece of code and your already dwindling motivation is somewhere on holidays in the carribeans. The workstation buzzes and makes your eyelids drop lower and lower. Time becomes like an eternity made out of another eternity. …

Is my code bad?

Is my code bad?

Are you doing everything to write good code? What is even good code?

There are many good and valid opionions and standpoints out there that define what is good code and what is bad code.

Code should be readable, maintainable and reusable and much more. Wether our code fulfills these…

Unusual but effective ways to use Trello.

How i made my life easier by using creativity with a modern tool thats free.

First off, i want to say , im not a sales person for Trello. I just want to share some ways im using the trello app differently and…

How to hack your brain to read a book a day

Improve your reading speed

Why most people never learn to read faster has two simple reasons:

  1. They think it is a esoteric skill only a few chosen one can master.
  2. They are not willing to invest the time.

Do I need talent?

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